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We think it's important to know where your meat comes from, and that it got to enjoy a happy and healthy life. When we farm livestock we are responsible not just for taking life, but for providing a good life to the animals we keep. To do this you have to be committed, 365 days a year, and you have to love your animals.


The idea of loving animals that you intend to eat sounds counter intuitive. In fact, it’s very rewarding and humans have been doing it for thousands of years. When` we got our first flock of sheep we were told not to name the ones that we planned on eating, otherwise we’d get too attached. We ignored this advice. Naming our animals helps us look at them as individuals rather than just a number, and enables us to provide better care. When it comes time to kill and butcher them there is gratitude, not sadness.

On Parc Carreg we raise a mix of different breeds of sheep. We focus primarily on breeding sheep that are healthy and grow well on grass without any supplemental feed. This allows us to raise sheep that are 100% grass fed.

We practice planned rotational grazing to ensure that our pasture gets enough rest, and our animals get the most nutritious vegetation possible. Grazing this way is also better for the environment, because it maximises grass growth which in turn maximises carbon sequestration.